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07 November 2013 • 2:18 AM • 0 comments
Hi, hey, hello, holla, hee ♥

Im back after one year menghilang. Hey guys, miss me? :p Now its school holidays! Ive been waiting for this purrrfect time untuk update belog yang dah lama berhabuk ni.

Like seriously, i need a loooooooooooooooooooong vacation. Somewhere farfar away. Maybe dekat tropical island omg bestnya x) Lagi best if dapat pergi w friends. Uhm, i miss my girls, i miss my keding my boy my everything. I wish you were here right next to me..... I miss our late night convs. Bila kita share cerita, gelak and ketawa samasama :'3 hihi.

Anyway, now its already 2.20a.m, i still tak tidur. Sikit pun tak rasa mengantuk. Idk what type of eyes i have, pagi mengantuk, malam kemain berjaga sampai lewat pagi u.u Kalau abah tahu i still tak tidur lagi waktu ni confirm kena bebel. Someone? Dodoikan? Hahahahahaha, okbye. Mornight <33333

Thankyou for lending your sweet eyes ♥

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