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...................And you left me without saying goodbye, without giving an explanation.

How it supposed to make me feel? I pretend to ignore you, deep inside i still miss you and i swear it kills me when i saw you. We bumped into each other last Thursday, we acted like strangers. I still keep the present you gave me, the spring thingy, the "Just The Way You Are" lyrics, the bracelet, the specs, the keychain that you create yourself with my name on it, the card and all those sweet memories. If there was a rewind button, i'd push it everytime you tell me you loved me just to see when you began to love the parts of me that i couldn't. Im sorry i treated you that way before. Now i know its too late for me to realize what i had when you were mine :') I'd go back and change things if i knew this is how it would end up.

But now, i should stop this feeling. I should stop thinking about you. I should start forgetting about you. I should learnt that NOTHING IS FOREVER, and we're not meant to be together. I should delete our memories. I should stop hoping that you'll come back to me one day. Yes, I should.

"Life is too short to drink crappy coffee and cry over boys who don't care"
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