Why people change?
04 August 2014 • 8:33 PM • 0 comments

Why must people change?
Either they've learnt enough that they WANT to.
They've been hurt enough that they HAVE to.

It happens to me now, yes. Pain makes people change. Its because i trust people way too fast, and too easily. That's my weakness and i always end up getting hurt. But guess what? The hurt gave me lots of lessons to be remembered and used. Nowadays, ramai orang suka ambil kesempatan atas kepercayaan yang kita bagi. So apa yang kita perlu buat is, remind yourself that not everyone is what as they seem.

Its unbelievable, bila seseorang itu berubah sekelip mata. Apa yang dia pernah janji pada kita dulu, cuma ayat yang tak ada makna bagi dia. Padahal kita, simpan janji tu, ingat sampai bila-bila and tak pernah lupa. Apa yang tinggal cuma kenangan. Even when people change, the photos and memories will stay forever. Paling sedih when you realized that you was holding onto something that didn't exists anymore. And you're missing it.

So the conclusion is, semua benda akan berubah. Salah satu cara terbaik is letting go. Letting go tak bermaksud kita give up, but kita terima semua ketentuan dengan ikhlas dan tahu ada yang lebih baik untuk kita. Cause Allah has promised you everything. Everything He planned for you is already yours :)

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